How To Skip intros for TV shows in VLC Player

Some TV shows have super short (almost non-existent) intros like Heroes did. Other shows have intros so long you could make a stand-alone movie out of them such as Game of Thrones, although HBO has done that with some of their other TV shows (they seem to really like their intros, right?).

Watching a really long intro once is bearable, doing it over and over is certainly not. If you’re using VLC player, you don’t need to skip them manually. A handy extension lets you skip intros for TV shows in VLC Player, and we’ll show you how to use it.

How to skip intros for TV shows in VLC Player

The extension that allows VLC Player to automatically skip TV show intros is called Skipper. This popular media player is widely appreciated for its expandable functionality via extensions, and you’ll see why in a moment.

To skip intros for TV shows in VLC Player you must first download the Skipper extension.

Once you extract the downloaded archive you can install the extension in VLC Player. Just go to:


in your user folder and copy the file you just extracted. If you don’t have the “lua” and “extensions” folders you will need to manually create them.

Then, you can open VLC Player and go to Tools -> Plugins and extensions and the Skipper extension should be there. Simply select it and press the install button.

Interestingly, Skipper isn’t just able to skip TV show intros, it can also skip the end credits which is great if you’re watching multiple episodes one after the other (hey, we’re all doing it, no need to feel embarrassed). Now that you have Skipper installed, let’s see how we can put it to good use.

Skip intros for TV shows in VLC Player

Open VLC and navigate to View -> Skip intro.

skip TV show intros in VLC

As you can see, Skipper already includes preset intro times for popular shows, specifically, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Dexter. If you want to watch one of these shows, select it and click the Apply button.

Nevertheless, you can also set the intro time for any other show you want to watch. Find the length of the intro – look at the time in the seek bar at the bottom when the intro ends.

skip end credits for TV shows in VLC Player

Then, enter it in seconds in the “Skip intro[s]” field. If you want to skip credits, the process is similar, except that you need to enter the time in the “Skip credit[s]” field instead. Finally, click “Save and close”.

From then on, any media file you open will automatically skip the defined time interval from the start.

It’s also worth mentioning there an “Ignore first episode” option. This can be useful if you’re just starting to watch a show and you’d like to view the intro once (but only once).

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