Skype Updates for Android – What’s New?

    Floating window is a new smart feature released by Skype for Android devices, namely tablets. The feature enables users to continue Skype live conversation with video when they close the application. In terms of multitasking, this new feature is extremely valuable.

    Skype’s new picture-in-picture mode is currently available for Android tablets only, but we expect it will soon roll out for smartphones, too. With floating window, you can continue with your video conversation and do a large variety of other tasks, open browsers and emails, view photos and documents, you name them. Once you press the home button, you see a small window displaying the current Skype conversation. You can reposition it to any area on your screen, but not resize. Double-tapping the window will logically re-launch the full view of Skype.

    The floating window is quite small, so it is not entirely clear why Skype rolled the update to tablet devices only. Any large smartphone would display the floating window just fine.

    Among other relevant changes to Skype are fixed crashes for Nexus 5 and added compatibility for Hudl (another win for Tesco!) and dropdown filter selections for contacts. In addition, you can now pinch-to-zoom out of contact list, as well as skip forward to another letter and search contacts faster.