Smart Math Calculator: A calculator for all your mathematical needs

Although the default calculator offered in your computer might be fine for simple things, chances are you need something else for more advanced calculations. This is where Smart Math Calculator comes in, providing comprehensive, real time calculations with easy access.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is simple and has nothing that you have not seen before. The application supports a variety of operating systems, namely Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Linux and MacOS.


Even at first glance, it is obvious that the program offers a huge array of mathematical extensions, far beyond the capabilities of a simple calculator. The free version of the program can run up to 5 different equations at a time with a support of 100 digits precision. You can find all the supported operators, functions and constants in the product’s website before you start using it.

The main window is divided into four tabs. The first one is where all the buttons for the different mathematical functions are located. The other tabs are mostly a way to customize your equations and will offer a variety of options going as far as to categorize areas where specific expressions are used like Chemistry and Physics. The other tabs will also let you customize the way the equation is presented like decimal and hexadecimal.

Rolling your mouse over any option will give you a short description of what it does. This is especially useful if you want to solve an equation you have never seen before or if your language’s math is not expressed in the same way as English. There are also some blank spots that you can assign various different things like temperature conversions or different mathematical functions like square roots. When you assign something and you roll over with your mouse you still get an explanation in case you forget what a particular symbol means or if you just want to try things out.

The equations are solved in the blank boxes in the top of the window. Simply type your equation or paste it inside the box and it will be solved in real time with the answer appearing in the right box. If you do not want the equations to be solved automatically you can click on the ticking box and the areas will be greyed out.

If you want to continue your work later but you have to shut your computer down, you can always save your work in Smart Math Calculator’s very own format. Then you simply need to execute that particular file and your work will continue from where you left it.


-An extremely wide array of options give users the ability to solve virtually any equation
-Fully customizable interface and visual look
-The ability to simultaneously solve up to 5 equations


-None that are worth mentioning


If you are a student or you working in a field that requires you to constantly deal with mathematics, then Smart Math Calculator will be a life saver. The comprehensive interface and the easiness of customizing it will satisfy even the most demanding of users.