Smart Screen Recorder: Capture your screen

Smart Screen Recorder is a shareware application that will let you capture anything that is going on in your screen, including custom areas that you can set with support for a lot of different video formats.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very fast and simple and the application will automatically create a desktop shortcut when the installation is done. The supported operating systems are Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


The program’s interface is quite simple. If you need any help in using the application you can always go to the Help menu which contains a basic user manual to guide you through the application’s features. In the main interface window you will be able to select the region you want to capture and control basic aspects of the application like the recording session and potential screenshots you want to take. You can capture your full screen, a custom area that you will define or a specific window that you simply have to click on in order to choose it. You can always resize the capture region window by dragging the corners around it.

For more options regarding your recording you will need to go to the Capture tab and then click on the Session Settings. There you will have various recording options like showing your mouse’s pointer, displaying a countdown before the recording starts and more. You will also be able to set the audio settings or even disable them entirely if you only want to capture video. Furthermore, you can set the destination folder for the videos and images individually. Keep in mind that the trial version of the program will have a watermark on it that will display the application’s name in the top left corner.

What is perhaps the most interesting feature of the application is that you can capture the video and the audio in a ton of formats and even customize them completely. To view all of the available default formats you need to go to the Advanced settings of the Video menu. There you can choose specific video formats or even choose to record audio only with the MP3 format. Each and every one of them can be customized in the right side panel. You can customize the video and audio separately and even  use the default formats as templates for your own.


-Fast installation
-Multiple capture regions available
-A ton of different video and audio formats available
-Very easy to use for anyone


-Price might be a bit too steep


Smart Screen Recorder is a quite decent and very user-friendly recording utility that offers a myriad of customization options for video and audio formats. If you are looking for a simple yet effective recording utility then you should give it a try.