Have Your Smartphone Pronounce the Name of the Caller

Setting up specific tunes to identify people in your contact list was cool a decade ago. Tunes and songs become boring, and you fail to remember which tune corresponds to which caller after several changes to the settings.

In addition, don’t you just hate it when a busted relationship is forever embodied into a so much beloved song you used as a caller ID? Provided it was a hit, every time you hear it on the radio you shrug because it brings you memories of how screwed up people can be.
talker 3
Get rid of the boring and outdated ringtones and custom music you set as a caller ID. Let your smartphone speak the name of the caller instead of guessing while you weed out the device from your pockets and handbags.

The developers of Caller Name Talker may not be very creative in coming up with an impressive title, but they did a good job on the app itself. This little tool allows your phone to speak up the name of the person calling or texting you, which takes your device’s capabilities to the next level. This is what I call a human-friendly interface and AI-human interaction.

The CNT by Passionate Androiden is free on Google Play, and features nifty text-to-speech recognition technology rated one of the highest on the market. Note, however, that the free app is ad-supported.

Caller Name Talker is simple and straightforward: download, install and turn it on. In the app’s general settings, you will find options to set the app in the silent mode, speak the number if no contact name is available and adjust the volume controls.
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Caller Name Talker does more than that; you can have it read the text message contents, and one of the niftiest features is the possibility to choose the voice. Voice settings in this app include a colorful plethora of language, pitch and speed options. You can choose the currently trendy British accent for you device, which is considered one of the hottest in the contemporary show biz.

You can adjust the settings for the app to behave the way you want it to, and that is why I rate this app 5 stars for extensive customization options. You can flip the phone to stop the alert, or add a delay time before the name is pronounced. There are plenty of languages to choose from, so CNT is not limited to the English-speaking audience.
On the flip side, it won’t do any good to have your secret love’s name pronounced each time you receive a private message. Guys tend to name their vices as “uncle Sam” or “Joe, the plumber,” so make sure to come up with something really credible to avoid arousing too much suspicion from your better half. A female intuition can sniff out more than a half-witted man’s brain can come up with.