Snapchat’s latest update brings two-factor login verification

Snapchat, the popular video messaging app with a strong ephemeral component (that also makes sharing media as secure as possible) aims to further improve its security in the latest update. There is now a login verification option for users which will send a code via SMS when logging in from a new device.

Two-factor authentication relying on SMS will require your phone number so Snapchat will be able to send you the code you’ll need to login besides the password. Keep in mind the feature is optional, and you don’t have to use it, unless you want to, of course. Furthermore, the update also brings some other new features.

Snapchat - Two-factor authentication
Photo credit: Android Police

An option which I definitely see coming in handy for many avid snapchatters is the ability to double tap the screen to switch between front and rear cameras. If you’re a grownup with no chance of recovery you might not picture how this can be useful. Here’s a possible scenario: filming something funny/crazy/shocking/interesting and wanting to show your own reaction to it.

There’s just one small problem: the feature doesn’t work yet for most users, although it should. You can try it yourself – maybe you’re luckier than most – but the Google Play reviews are quite self-explanatory. Also, iOS users don’t seem to have this problem, which appears to be limited to Android. It’s no surprise if we’ll get an overnight patch fixing the problem though.

Here is the complete changelog:

What’s New:

  • Double tap the screen while recording a Snap to switch between the selfie and rear-facing cameras!
  • Login Verification — when you log in to Snapchat on a new device, we can send you a SMS code to make sure it’s you! Turn on this feature in Settings.
  • Battery filters — add a little something to your Snaps when you’re all juiced up 🙂 or low on battery 🙁

Download Snapchat (Android, iOS) right now, try out the new double tap to flip between cameras and let us know if it works for you!

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