Snapguide for iOS lets you discover and create beautiful how to guides

Snapguide for iOS

I think that each of us are very skilled at something and the rest of the world would benefit if we ever decided to share that knowledge. Sadly, not everyone has the knowledge or the time required to create a comprehensive how-to guide that is understandable and looks good.

This problem was the spark that fueled the creation of Snapguide, an iOS app and web service that lets you easily create and share how-to guides with step-by-step instructions but also to discover tutorials created by others.

One of Snapguide’s co-founders wanted to share his bread-baking skills with his friends and quickly realized this is a rather complicated process, thus, Snapguide was born. The app organizes the how-tos across various areas of interest such as crafts, cooking, DIY projects, gardening and so on.

Snapguide is both functional and social and the creation tools it provides are super easy to use but also ensure your how-tos will look good on any device’s screen. The app may be free, but you should know the content you publish with it remains your own.

To use it you’ll need to create a Snapguide account or take the quicker option and connect with a Twitter or Facebook account. This app is not just fun, you can learn to do lots of things through the guides published by others, although we do encourage you to share your own knowledge as well.

After you publish your first how-to in Snapguide, share it with us in the comments section below!

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