SoftActivity Keylogger: Fully functional keylogger

Monitoring PC activity can be done in a number of ways but to do it in secret is an art in and out of itself. SoftActivity Keylogger provides a fleshed out monitoring suite that will allow you to log everything that happens in a computer and then view logs in a variety of ways.

Installation & Requirements

The program is offered in two modes. The full mode will allow you to do pretty much everything while the reading mode will let you read logs received via e-mail or other means without the need to install anything else. A password must also be set during the installation. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8x.


The main interface of the application looks like you would expect. As is the usual with keylogging programs, the vast majority of the interface is reserved for all the different options you can set. Everyone has different needs when it comes to logging computer activity and the developers know that. You can set the program to monitor every single thing that happens in your computer or just specific parts.

For example, someone might just want to monitor internet surfing as a form of parental control or even monitor the websites that their employees visit. Of course, blocking websites outright and having a healthy relationship with the aforementioned groups would be a better choice but sometimes this is the only way. On the other hand, sometimes you have to share a computer with people you do not really trust so monitoring everything is necessary.

As far as design choices go, the application has taken some strange ones. For example, after the setup is over, the program informs you that you can type openskl in the Windows Run box in order to run the program or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + O. This is all perfectly normal for a keylogging application but then you realize that a desktop shortcut has also been created. Obviously, a password is needed to access the interface but leaving a keylogger in open view is not something that most people would want. The fact that the logs also run automatically while you configure the options is also strange as you probably do not want to monitor your own activity.

Nevertheless, such things are not exactly deal-breakers. The fact that a ton of different customization settings are offered is what matters here. Even when the program is constantly running, the logs take little space. Screenshots are a different matter entirely and they can quickly ramp up to the thousands if your settings allow it. You can always clear the logs after you view them though and even move them to different computers or storage devices so that you will always have space for more.


-Comprehensive installation
-Full of options and personalized settings
-Detailed logs with screenshots
-Can be hidden if you set it to be


-Unfortunate design choices


If monitoring everything in a computer is what you need, SoftActivity Keylogger has you covered. You can set the program to log whatever you want, view the logs in a detailed interface and never leave everything out of sight again.