SoftPerfect Network Scanner: Feature-rich multithreaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a multithreaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner that comes with a lot of networking features across multiple devices. The application is entirely free.

Installation & Requirements

The program requires no installation. Simply download the files, extract them to a folder of your choice and run the executable file appropriate to your system. The application supports versions of Windows from 2000 and beyond.


What becomes apparent immediately after starting the application is its depth compared to other free scanners. The toolbar at the top is the first indication that the program offers a lot of networking options. Some technical knowledge is required to deal with the program but that is to be expected of a network scanner. The interface itself has a clean design but not much else in the way of visuals. An advertisement runs at the bottom for another program by the same company that compliments the scanner.

Every utility can be accessed either by the toolbar or by the menus at the very top. To scan your network for other computers you will first have to enter an IP range. This will make the application ping any computers inside that range and get their responses. You can then see the response time, their mac addresses as well as their local IP addresses and their computer’s name. If you have access to those computers, there are various commands that you can issue and various things you can do with the computers. You can simply enter them via different methods like a remote desktop, shut them down, send them a message and more.

All of the other functions will also require you to have the login information of the computers you want to mess around with. This is not a hacking tool and can only be used for your own computers in the network or at least computers that you can freely access. If you do have the login information about the computers then there are tons of things you can do like access their registry, get hardware information in detail, share files and more.

Finally, you will definitely want to go to the Options menu as it is one of the most comprehensive ones I have seen yet. You can truly customize each and every aspect of the program including the behavior of the IP scanner, various parts of the interface, integration with other applications and more. More advanced users will only get the most out of the program if they spend some time tinkering with its settings.


-No installation required
-An abundance of options
-Tons of different utilities and features
-Fully customizable


-None that would be worth mentioning


If you are looking for a network scanner then you should look no further than SoftPerfect Network Scanner. The various components of the program combined with its functionality make it one of the best network scanners in the market.