Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat

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Apache Tomcat: An open source Java-developed web server where you can run Java code

Apache Tomcat is a Java servlet web server offering a clean Java environment where you can run Java-based web apps via a web browser. Apache HTTP servers process requests from clients, delivering webpages to visitors. However, Apache Tomcat adds dynamic content to the server, thanks to its servlet support.

For sites which include Java applets and code, Apache Tomcat allows them to run on the web server, and not in the Internet browsers of the web users. This makes these websites load much faster, and be more reliable in general.

The tool is made of several essential components, specifically the JPS engine that runs dynamic content, the HTTP connector and the servlet container. The latter is designed to interact with Java applications and to preserve the user’s access rights during sessions.

The HTTP connector listens to the TCP connections and sends the requests to the JSP Engine as its purpose is to handle communications between the server’s main components. After the client is processed, the same component sends feedback to it.

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