Audio Recorders

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SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder 8.05 Beta
Handy application to record sounds that are being played from the computer.
3 / 476
0.775391 Mb
bx_solo 1.16.1
Useful tools for all users that need to familiarize themselves with the way devs use to approach the M/S technique.
12 / 1,673
37 Mb
A nice sound recording application that's easy to use and comes with a bunch of advanced features
23 / 2,260
4.7 Mb
MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2023
A great program for creating complex music
2 / 1,108
6 Mb
DarkAudacity 2.3.2
Seamlessly record, play and edit audio samples on your computer or apply one of the dozens amazing effects using this straightforward tool
204 / 9,932
6.2 Mb
OSFMount 3.1.1003
A simple-to-use software program that allows you to mount as many virtual disks as you want: image files, image files in RAM, or empty RAM drives
27 / 2,782
15.3 Mb
n-Track Studio 10.1.0 Build 8686
A powerful multi-track recording and editing software, with support for real-time effects
18 / 2,179
135 Mb
Fix BPM timing errors in your audio tracks in a simple and budget-friendly manner
20 / 8,314
1.3 Mb
Song Surgeon 5.0 Build 126
An advanced application that lets you slow down audio files, create custom loops and convert audio to various formats
25 / 2,342
170 Mb
Soft4Boost Any Audio Record
A simple tool that lets you record audio on your PC
17 / 1,792
29.2 Mb
Snooper Professional 3.4.9
A powerful piece of software that can record all the sounds in a room when sound is detected or other custom triggers occur
21 / 1,490
12.5 Mb
AD Sound Recorder 6.1
A functional sound recorder that lets you capture any sound from your sound card
12 / 1,715
2.8 Mb
WavePad Audio and Music Editor 19.36 Beta
An advanced application that lets you record audio, join songs, apply effects and burn audio to CDs
21 / 2,613
3 Mb
Soft4Boost Ringtone Creator
A friendly application that lets you create ringtones for your mobile device
13 / 2,046
44.3 Mb
Soft4Boost Device Uploader
Easily upload photos and videos to your smartphone and other devices
16 / 2,004
28.3 Mb
Soft4Boost Audio Converter
A friendly application that lets you convert audio between MP3, FLAC, VOC, SHN, audio TS, OGG and other popular formats
18 / 2,057
72.7 Mb
Easily record and save high quality audio and video records of your Skype conversations
22 / 2,592
22.9 Mb
RapidComposer 5.2.3
A robust application that provides powerful tools for score composing and editing
66 / 3,998
75.6 Mb
Dual Audio Recorder 2.4.4
A functional application that allows you to record audio in real-time in two files at the same time and save the project to a single file
21 / 1,988
2 Mb
Melody Assistant 7.9.8d
A robust piece of software that lets you write, print and render songs
33 / 2,894
44.7 Mb