Audio & Video

Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Flash Player
Best flash player for Windows
VLC Media Player
Multi-platform multimedia player
Media player with full VCD/DVD playback
Storm Codec 7.01.19
Addon & Enhance of Windows Media Player
Share and listen to music on your computer
WinHIIP 1.7.6
Allows access to internal hard disk drives
mp3DirectCut 2.36
Tool for editing MPEG audio directly
Nero Platinum 2022
One of the most popular disc burning solutions that lets you easily write data on any CD or DVD
DVDFab HD Decrypter
Good HD decrypter and burner
Latest Updates
mrViewer 6.2.0
Lets you easily view all of your pictures and videos
Metadata++ 2.02 Build 0
A handy software to help preview images and other metadata files, edit and remove them with one click
STANDARD Codecs 12.5.7
A codec pack that allows you to listen to and watch a wide variety of media files.
Resolume Alley 7.12.1 Rev 15322
Useful application that is compatible with a wide range of video, audio and image files, including DXV videos.
Advanced Codecs for Windows 10 / 11 16.1.7
Install all the popular codecs for Windows 7, 8 and 10
Advanced x64ComponentsPM for Windows 10 / 11 16.1.7
Watch your favorite video in MediaCente
Monkey's Audio 8.19
A fast and powerful audio compressor that doesn’t affect the quality of your music
K-Lite Codec Pack Basic 17.1.0
Collection of codecs and DirectShow filters
K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 17.1.0
Codecs, DirectShow filters and tools
MediaInfo 22.06
Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file
Jaksta Radio Recorder 2022.3.4.0
Record radio shows and convert them to other multimedia formats
AIMP 5.03 Build 2392
Small media player for Windows
cineSync 4.2.7
A reliable tool that lets you review and analyze media files in real-time with other users
MediaInfo CLI 22.06
A command line interface for MediaInfo.
Plex Media Server
Complete Media Center
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A powerful tool that lets you use knobs and buttons of a MIDI controller to edit your photo albums in Lightroom 6+
21 / 1,602
19.3 Mb
Manage the sounds made by applications and select their output device
21 / 2,291
1.2 Mb
Viena SoundFont Editor 1.192
Edit SoundFont files, create new instruments and presets, tweak audio parameters and more
52 / 5,072
5.4 Mb
Amazing Slow Downer 3.7.0
A small Windows tool that enables you to play audio files in slow mode
40 / 2,427
2.3 Mb
ScoreCloud 4.6.2
Import and edit your musical scores then upload them to the cloud
40 / 1,838
171 Mb
ChrisTWEAK 2.99
Change the settings of your capture device drivers to optimize video streaming quality
17 / 1,261
0.915039 Mb
myFFmpeg 4.4.2
A friendly graphic front-end for the FFmpeg multimedia tool
22 / 1,889
33 Mb
Music Box 1.07
A cross-platform, lightweight application you can use to play popular audio file formats
41 / 1,639
8.6 Mb
MetaX 2.82
A lightweight application that lets you tag various types of videos, and TV shows using cover images and metadata from online sources
16 / 2,402
18.4 Mb
VoiceBot Pro 3.8.2
Use preset profiles for a wide variety of programs to send voice commands to your computer
14 / 1,587
12.3 Mb
Music Collection
A powerful solution that offers management tools, as well as capabilities for music searching and sorting
39 / 1,458
7.8 Mb
Dante Firmware Update Manager
Update your KLANG hardware that comes with an Audinate GUI so your devices run at top performance
13 / 1,079
43.7 Mb
SoundVolumeView 2.30
A small utility that can retrieve general information about sound devices and tools, and lower their volume levels
46 / 2,071
0.0957031 Mb
Dante Controller
Manage Dante-enabled audio devices and configure audio routing
32 / 2,412
123 Mb
Nero SoundTrax 23.5.1000
A feature-rich audio editing and mixing environment
26 / 1,952
170 Mb
OpenCloner UltraBox 2.90 Build 236
A powerful piece of software that lets you copy, rip and burn DVD and Blu-ray movies OpenCloner UltraBox is a comprehensive application that lets you rip, clone and burn DVD and Blu-ray discs in a reliable manner.
17 / 1,607
147 Mb
Orinj 7.0.0
A multitrack recording and mixing application equipped with wave and MIDI editing
16 / 1,220
8.2 Mb
OrDrumbox 0.9.1-42 Beta
A small Windows tool that lets you assemble various patterns to create songs
13 / 1,635
49.9 Mb
nitroflex 2.92
An advanced audio synthesizer equipped with a wide selection of waveforms
17 / 1,741
10.6 Mb
Winlive Pro Synth 12.0.00
A feature-rich application that can play numerous karaoke file formats and display the included lyrics
18 / 1,973
190 Mb