CleanMail Home

CleanMail Home

CleanMail Home: Helps you keep your email accounts safe from spam and malware

CleanMail Home is a useful application that lets you secure your email account from spam, viruses and malware threats in general as it monitors all incoming messages.
Email is one of the preferred channels for phishing, viruses and malware to spread. And more importantly, such an email can even come from someone’s account you know and trust that already been compromised. Which is why you can never be too safe when it comes to email.

CleanMail monitors your email accounts and detects spam, junk and potentially malicious messages you receive. Whenever a threat is detected, the application will try to block it, and prevent you from opening it by accident.

It also lets you blacklist specific email senders which might have sent you a large number of spam or malware containing messages. And you can create a whitelist as well, so messages from senders that are on it will always come through.

The application is able to filter the messages you receive, but also to scan their attachments to ensure they don’t include suspicious or dangerous files. Another interesting feature of CleanMail is the option of creating backups for all the emails you receive, which are saved on your computer’s hard drive.

Last but not least, you can access the program remotely via HTTP protocol, which will enable you to view logs and statistics for each of your email accounts.

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    Aug 12, 2022
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