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Download Chromium 125.0.6399.0

File: chrome-win-x86.exe (110.00 Mb)
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Chromium Download Overview

Chromium is an open-source web browser that serves as the foundation for Chrome. The two web browsers are very similar, but you could say that Chromium is a lighter version of Chrome.

To use Chromium you have to unpack and run it. Its settings are stored in the “Chrome” folder and the user settings are located in the “Profile” folder.

Note: Chromium can be flagged as infected/malware by some antivirus and antispyware applications even if the program is safe and harmless to your system. The erroneous detection can derive from an incorrect virus signature or heuristics.


- Shortcuts for applications.
- New tab page is provided.
- Dynamic tabs are supported.
- Crash control capability.
- Provides Incognito mode.
- Safe browsing and instant bookmarks are offered.
- Import settings option.
- Easy downloads.

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