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Firefox Download Overview

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser that has been constantly improved over time and offers many features and advantages.

Mozilla Firefox features:

- Blocks pop-up windows efficiently and keeps unwanted advertising away from your desktop.
- Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple pages in a single window and load links in the background while remaining on the current page you’re viewing.
- Built-in Google search engine.
- "Find As You Type" function helps you find page text and links by simply typing.
- Effective protection of your privacy with simplified privacy controls.
- Offers multiple options to personalize your browser with a great number of free extensions and themes, all downloadable at a glance of a mouse click.

The latest Mozilla Firefox has significantly improved speed compared to any prior version. It’s easy to notice that start-up, graphics rendering, and page loading are performed much faster in the latest Firefox, along with many other performance improvements.

Customized Security Settings
Set your security level for your Firefox browsing experience. Now you can fully customize each security option like settings for passwords, cookies, loading images, installing add-ons or even creating exceptions – sites that don’t need the third degree.

Parental Controls
Stop unwanted browsing access, downloads, and more by enforcing the parental control settings in Windows.

Secure Updates
Firefox automatically searches for a secure connection before installing or updating any add-on, third-party software, and Personas.

Add-ons Manager
The Add-ons Manager allows users to install and discover add-ons while remaining on Firefox. Evaluate and choose your add-ons by browsing ratings, descriptions, pictures, and recommendations. The Add-ons Manager offers an organized list of all your add-ons or third-party plug-ins, which you can view, manage or disable in no time. The auto-update feature will be activated every time you open the Manager panel.

Customizable Interface
The Firefox interface is flexible and can be customized according to your preferences. You get to choose where different elements are, organize them, add or remove buttons and fields and finally end up with your unique browser. To start, right-click on the navigation toolbar and select “Customize”.

With a powerful engine, great features, and speed, Firefox is one of the best browsers in the world.

Firefox Full Review

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