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Edi - Text Editor

Adam Jones
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Updated on Oct 13, 2023

Edi - Text Editor is a software solution crafted for individuals and professionals looking for a straightforward text editing tool. The software comes with a variety of features, with its main focus on text editing, document creation, and, particularly the mail merge feature. It's designed to help you craft documents with text and images, thereby broadening the scope of document creation.

Features of Edi - Text Editor

The software is laden with features that cater to basic as well as advanced text editing needs. The primary features include:

  • Text Editing Capabilities: Edi provides both basic and advanced text editing functionality. This includes the ability to edit text, tables, and pictures, making it a comprehensive tool for document creation.

  • Mail Merge Feature: This feature stands out in Edi - Text Editor, allowing users to create perfectly formatted PDF serial letters using a single program. The process is simplified and can be completed in a few minutes, making it a notable feature for individuals and businesses alike.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is a major concern in the digital age, and Edi - Text Editor strongly emphasizes ensuring user data remains secure.

  • Privacy by Design: The software manages customer data in accordance with GDPR guidelines. Unlike many other text editing software, Edi stores customer data locally, ensuring there's no involvement of cloud storage, which often poses a risk to data security.

  • Document Encryption and Signing: Each PDF document created with Edi can be encrypted and signed, providing an added layer of security to your documents.

Ease of Use

Edi - Text Editor is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for individuals who may not be tech-savvy.

  • Creating beautiful serial letters is simplified and can be done in minutes.
  • Users have the option to import existing Excel documents and can use Word or OpenOffice documents as templates, making the process of document creation even more streamlined.

Version Differences

The software offers two versions, Edi FREE and Edi PRO, catering to different user needs and budgets.

  • Free vs Pro Version: Edi FREE allows users to utilize the mail merge feature into multiple PDF files and send them as an email without any cost, even for commercial purposes. However, if more functionality is needed, users can upgrade to Edi PRO which comes with additional features.


In the text editing software market, there are alternative options to consider. Some of these include:

  • Microsoft Word: A widely used text editor offering a range of features, including advanced text editing, document creation, and more.
  • Google Docs: A free, cloud-based text editor allowing for real-time collaboration and document sharing.
  • Apache OpenOffice Writer: An open-source text editor providing a range of text editing and document creation features.

Compared to similar software, Edi - Text Editor holds its ground, especially with its mail merge feature. Below is a comparative table showcasing the important features of Edi - Text Editor against its alternatives.

Features Edi - Text Editor Microsoft Word Google Docs Apache OpenOffice Writer
Mail Merge Yes Yes No Yes
Document Encryption and Signing Yes No No No
Local Data Storage Yes Yes No Yes
Free Version Available Yes No Yes Yes

I found the mail merge feature exceptionally useful during my firsthand experience with Edi - Text Editor. It simplified the process of creating multiple personalized documents, saving a significant amount of time. The privacy-by-design approach also provided a sense of security, knowing that my data was stored locally and not on a cloud. This feature and document encryption provided a secure environment for document creation and management, which is a big plus in today's digital age.

In a market saturated with text editing applications, Edi - Text Editor carves a niche with its unique features, particularly the mail merge feature, and its strong emphasis on privacy and security. Its ease of use and the ability to create beautifully formatted documents make it a viable option for individuals and professionals.

The comparative analysis with other text editing software showcases the edge Edi has, especially in terms of document security and local data storage. While it may lack the real-time collaboration feature of cloud-based alternatives like Google Docs, it compensates by providing a secure, user-friendly environment for document creation and editing.

The availability of a free version allows users to test the waters and experience the features without any financial commitment, which is a commendable aspect of Edi - Text Editor. For those requiring more advanced features, the Pro version is worth considering.

Edi - Text Editor stands as a reliable, secure, and user-friendly text editing software that caters to a wide range of users. Whether you're creating simple text documents or detailed PDF serial letters, Edi provides the necessary tools to get the job done efficiently and securely.

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