Evtx Log Browser

Evtx Log Browser

Evtx Log Browser: Great tool for studying the behavior of a particular app or find out what slows down the startup of various system utilities.

Evtx Log Browser is a reliable tool that was created to showcase the items in an accessible format that lets users copy the most important data for archival purposes when testing certain software.

When users start the program, it will bring up a file picker that defaults to the event logs’ main directory where users can choose their desired item for faster processing, compared to loading all files inside the folder.

The program comes with a user-friendly interface that features a triple-pane layout for a comprehensive overview of the report at hand, starting with the precise date of its creation, and the last time it was accessed and written, which will make the filtering process much easier.

The second panel will allow users to browse all the event log’s records in a tree style-view to aid them in the search for a certain process’ ID and time of execution that may cause system-wide errors.

The third panel expands on the already provided data while displaying it in a format that allows users to copy details like the version of a particular application, which comes in handy when troubleshooting compatibility-related problems.

Evtx Log Browser is a great tool for studying the behavior of a particular app or finding out what slows down the startup of various system utilities.

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    Mar 13, 2023
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