File & Disk Management

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MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 12.8
Keep your home computer's hard disk drive free of errors and manage its partitions with the help of this intuitive software application
65 / 3,690
27.3 Mb
MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 12.8
Quickly and easily take care of all your volumes and partitions with this reliable application software featuring the latest technology
86 / 2,099
27.4 Mb
HashMyFiles 2.44
A small, yet powerful and reliable application that will allow you to easily calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of the selected files
13 / 1,990
0.0673828 Mb
Partition Saving 4.60
Save, restore and copy hard-drives, partitions, floppy disks, and DOS devices with the help of this simple-to-use software application
83 / 1,812
3.4 Mb
WinMerge 2.16.40
Compare the content of folders, subfolders, and files, find differences, and merge duplicate content
26 / 3,185
8.9 Mb
A user-friendly program that helps you monitor Windows event logs (e.g. hardware events, key management service, alerts, security) and save data to XML file format
23 / 2,230
0.242188 Mb
Code Writer
A powerful code editor that enables you to create and edit a wide range of document types, including HTML, CSS< Markdown, PHP or Python
18 / 2,016
37.6 Mb
ADATA SSD ToolBox 5.2.8
Grab disk information, update the firmware, securely erase and monitor the overall health of your SSD
28 / 1,706
8.8 Mb
Instant File Opener 5.0.0
Create a list of applications that would launch when you start your computer
17 / 1,146
0.479492 Mb
Intel SSD Data Center Tool 2024 (v2024.13.01)
Manage your connected Intel SSD devices
24 / 2,117
6.4 Mb
Horodruin 2024.05.772.0
Analyze content of two or more folders and set up thorough synchronization tools to keep files up to date
14 / 1,452
1.5 Mb
Windows Drive Hider 4.0
An efficient software utility designed to help you hide and protect your computer drives
19 / 1,787
0.286133 Mb
Path Length Checker 1.11.7
A user-friendly and portable program that allows you to check out all paths in a root directory and their lengths
22 / 2,110
0.517578 Mb
Shallot 1.2.4660
Manage directories and files on your computer and modify, delete or add new attributes
16 / 1,382
15.4 Mb
Easy2Boot 2.20
Turn your USB flash drive into bootable media
14 / 1,275
34.7 Mb
Kingston SSD Manager x64
Keep track of the health of your Kingston SSD drive to prevent data loss and manage its features, where available, using this tool
22 / 1,655
50.4 Mb
Backup4all 9.9 Build 916
Copy all your files - even if they are locked by Windows
23 / 1,502
151 Mb
Auto Recycle Bin 2406
Automate the process of cleaning the Recycle Bin
14 / 1,230
6.4 Mb
Manage and replace file tags for large file sets more efficiently
19 / 1,136
173 Mb
System Ninja 4.0.1
A useful tool for cleaning junk files and improving your system's speed
35 / 2,707
3.9 Mb