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Reliable program for assembly programmers that delivers many features in order to help work with a flat assembler.

The purpose of Flat Assembler is to help assembly programmers in carrying out multiple passes in order to optimize the size of the generated machine code and can be used with the x86 architecture processors.

The program comes with a pretty intuitive and well-organized user interface, while also allowing users to work with multiple tabs at the same time, and import/export data from and to ASM file formats.

It will let users delete words, characters, or lines, duplicate current lines, undo or redo actions, copy selected block to the clipboard or paste the block from the clipboard, while also coming with a calculator to help convert data between decimal, hexadecimal, binary and octal values, among other.

Users will also be able to define data definitions, constants and labels, numerical expressions, jumps and calls, and even work with a wide range of x86 architecture instructions (e.g. logical, decimal, conditional, and others that are related to data movement, binary and decimal arithmetic, strings, flag control, system, FPU, MMX, SSE, etc.

Overall, Flat Assembler is a very handy program that delivers many features in order to help assembly programmers work with a flat assembler.

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