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Any computer that’s accessible to the public (like those in Internet cafes and libraries) are prone to becoming infected with viruses, malware and other threats caused by file transfers, web navigations and other actions performed by end-users.

Fortres 101 provides a comprehensive solution to safeguarding public access computers, as it can lock them into a certain state and ensure no changes are performed, regardless if they are accidental or intentional.

The tool requires you create a login admin account during setup and a system reboot will be required for the changes to be applied. Fortres 101 lets you block various system areas and settings which are organized into groups, each in its own tab.

Among them you will find Basic Settings, Desktop Settings, OS specific settings, Internet Settings, Special Applications, Startup and Shutdown and the list goes on.

Each group has its own customizable options, plus you can manage users along with their permissions and even password-protect the configurations you perform.

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    Sep 16, 2019
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