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Great benchmark tool for rendering a number of objects to evaluate the GPU.

GravityMark is a very powerful benchmark tool for graphical processing units that use GPU acceleration to render objects in real-time.

The installation process is quick and easy, and after completion, it will open a browser window where users can configure its basic settings, while also providing a link to the app’s manual, alongside one-click access to the leaderboard to compare their results to others.

It is also capable of making use of various APIs to run its tests and provides support for Vulkan, OpenGL, Direct3D12, and Direct3D11, and the tests can be run in windowed, full-screen, or full desktop mode.

The program will make use of NASA images and Milky Way panoramas to render an impressive number of asteroids, so users can choose the number of rendered elements.

GravityMark is a great benchmark for users that want to render an enormous number of objects in real-time to evaluate how powerful the GPU is.

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  • Updated:
    Mar 03, 2023
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    4.6 / 5 (12 votes)
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