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Updated on Jun 10, 2024

LiveProfessor is a revered name in live sound processing, providing a robust platform for both Windows and MacOS users. Developed hand in hand with seasoned professionals from live sound, theater, and broadcast sectors, this software has been a crucial tool for audio aficionados globally.

LiveProfessor's prowess lies in its ability to host a broad spectrum of plugins, including VST, AU, and VST3, as an effect rack tailored for live sound applications. Its core features, such as Signal Chains, Snapshot Automation, Hardware Controllers, a user-friendly interface, Cue Lists, MIDI Modifiers, and the capability to handle multiple workspaces concurrently, make it a potent tool in a sound engineer’s arsenal.

Plugin Hosting and Effects Rack

The core appeal of LiveProfessor is its function as an effect rack for VST plugins. This feature empowers users to amass a powerful, portable, and flexible effect rack utilizing VST or AU plugins. Such a feature is indispensable for anyone looking to manipulate live sound with precision and creativity. This software is not merely a passive host but a dynamic platform enabling seamless audio signal routing to achieve various effects in projects, especially when used with an ASIO audio card, which facilitates precise inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins.

Signal Chains

The Signal Chains in LiveProfessor 2 deserve a special mention. A Signal Chain is essentially a collection of plugins connected in series, simplifying plugins' organization. For instance, all plugins pertinent to processing the bass guitar can be consolidated in the “Bass guitar” chain, making it a straightforward task to manage and tweak the audio settings. 

Snapshot Automation

Snapshot Automation is another feature that stands out, allowing users to effortlessly switch between snapshots that save individual plugin settings or global snapshots that recover the entire state of a project. This feature is a time-saver and a lifesaver in high-pressure live sound scenarios, where swift transitions between different sound settings are often required.

Hardware Controllers

Hardware Controllers in LiveProfessor are designed with flexibility and ease of use. This system permits users to control plugin parameters and program functions, with each control tweakable to respond exactly how you want it to. This is particularly beneficial for live setups where hardware controllers are indispensable for a smooth operation.

Responsive User Interface

The user interface in LiveProfessor is designed considering the ease of use. The dark, customizable user interface and the feature to recall window layouts easily using View Sets and Work Spaces make it a delight to interact with, even in the most demanding live sound environments.

Cue Lists

Cue Lists in LiveProfessor allow a seamless settings transition during a live performance. Be it recalling a snapshot, changing audio routing, sending midi messages, or altering project tempo, everything can be done on the fly to adapt to each song’s requirements.

The ease with which LiveProfessor allows for real-time adjustments is a boon for live sound engineers. In a gig where I had to manage the sound for multiple bands with distinct audio needs, the Snapshot Automation and Cue Lists were invaluable. Swift transitions between different sound settings for each band were executed flawlessly, showcasing LiveProfessor’s utility in a live setting.

When seeking alternative software solutions, a few names come to the fore:

  • Ableton Live: Known for its intuitive interface and powerful real-time sound manipulation capabilities.
  • MainStage 3 by Apple: Offers many live sound processing features with a focus on simplicity and efficiency.
  • FL Studio: Provides a robust platform for live sound processing with a wealth of features akin to LiveProfessor.

Comparing LiveProfessor to its counterparts sheds light on its unique strengths and capabilities that set it apart in live audio processing. Below is a comparative table highlighting the core features of LiveProfessor against its competitors:

Feature LiveProfessor Ableton Live MainStage 3 FL Studio
Plugin Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
VST, AU, VST3 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Snapshot Automation Yes No No No
Hardware Controllers Yes Yes Yes Yes
User-friendly Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cue Lists Yes No No No
MIDI Modifiers Yes No No No
Multiple Workspaces Yes Yes No Yes
Audio Routing Capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes

Advanced Features

MIDI Modifiers

Diving deeper into the advanced features, the MIDI Modifiers in LiveProfessor are a remarkable addition. Each plugin comes with powerful MIDI Modifiers, particularly useful for keyboard players. Functions such as transpose, key-zone, and filter are provided, which can be indispensable in a live performance scenario, offering a level of control and customization that is genuinely beneficial.

Multiple Workspaces

The feature of multiple workspaces in LiveProfessor isn’t just a mere addition but a substantial one. It allows the user to work with multiple workspaces at the same time. This is particularly useful when handling complex projects requiring diverse sound settings and adjustments. The ability to route inputs and outputs through VST plugins using an ASIO audio card further augments the user's flexibility and control over their audio processing tasks.

Audio Routing Capabilities

Seamless audio routing is one of the hallmarks of LiveProfessor. The software allows for a fluid routing of audio signals to achieve various effects, particularly useful when working on complex projects with many audio effects and signals. This feature underlines the software’s capability to provide a streamlined workflow for achieving the desired audio output.

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