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KStars 3.4.3
Effortlessly explore the night sky from any location and at any date and time to discover the planets of our solar system and millions of stars with this app
2 / 1,579
86.2 Mb
Manage the content on your TomTom navigation device, such as photos, documents and routes, with this practical and reliable piece of software
3 / 1,499
101 Mb
Athan (Azan) Basic 4.5
A lightweight app that plays automatic Athan five times a day at every prayer time
3 / 1,816
8.6 Mb
Create family trees that can keep track of all the descendants and ancestors
2 / 2,351
8.2 Mb
Garmin Express
Helps Garmin device owners update maps, backup data and effortlessly transfer waypoints or routes with no more than a few mouse clicks
5 / 1,657
112 Mb
Delta 1.0.0
A robust portfolio tracker application for Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies
3 / 1,511
69.5 Mb
eSchool 0.20.614.0
A comprehensive school management application providing graph reports
3 / 2,394
27.3 Mb
World POI Database 4.1
Access a comprehensive list of cities and points of interest that can be viewed and exported to XLS, CSV, KML, and GPX formats
3 / 8,645
4.3 Mb
Text Statistics Analyzer 2.4
Analyze various text statistics such as character, word, and line frequency
3 / 2,934
1.7 Mb
Syrinscape Fantasy Player 1.4.8-p2
Make your board game or tabletop gaming experience more entertaining with various environmental sounds and background music
4 / 2,208
19.6 Mb
My Family Tree
An accessible piece of software that lets you create a complex family tree
7 / 3,840
7.6 Mb
Ultimate Papercraft 3D 2.42
Create papercraft projects from 3D models
16 / 2,823
14.1 Mb
magayo Lotto
A robust application that allows you to explore winning lottery numbers of various games, as well as generate new numbers
8 / 1,947
12.8 Mb
Kith and Kin Pro 3.3.0
A friendly genealogy software solution that lets you store all your family tree information
3 / 1,272
7.6 Mb
Garden Planner 3.7.62
A friendly software application that lets you easily design your garden
3 / 1,589
162 Mb
AnthemScore 4.10.1
Easily create music sheets from songs
35 / 3,035
20.5 Mb
Juice Grinder 3.5.0 Build 49689
A friendly application that can calculate the amounts of substances to add to your own recipe of electronic cigarette juice
4 / 1,439
45.7 Mb
What Watch 4.1 Build 104
Create complex astrology reports as well as graphs, tables, elements and quality balances
2 / 1,464
8.5 Mb
DesktopPlant 3.7.4
Add a virtual plant on your desktop and take care of it, making sure it gets enough water, light and fertilizer to grow
2 / 1,496
1.4 Mb
CutLogic 2D 5.6.0
A straightforward application that lets you optimize material cutting to minimize manufacturing costs
6 / 1,679
12.7 Mb