NEWT Professional

NEWT Professional

2.5 Build 370

NEWT Professional: A network inventory scanner

A network inventory scanner for network administrators.

While many competitors rely exclusively on agentless methods crippled by remote registry and WMI misconfiguration issues, slow operation (single threaded) or high bandwidth usage (multithreaded), NEWT Professional uses a sophisticated light-weight (500KB) client that's automatically deployed to remote machines without any user intervention.

In combination with our unique SimulScan multithreaded technology it allows NEWT Professional to act like an agentless solution to the user while having many "agentless" benefits.

By default, clients are left on machines for even faster scanning, although Zero Footprint options are included. On the other hand, many products that do use software agents require hours or even days of set up time.

With NEWT Professional one only needs to pick one or many computers and click the "Scan" button. This method supplies information just minutes after downloading. It's a unique, true install-and-scan solution unlike anything else.

NEWT Professional features:

- Robust fully multithreaded IP Discovery feature, providing a virtually unlimited number of IP ranges, reliable IP detection and identification of PC and non-PC devices such as network printers, routers through an internal database.
- NEW multithreaded scanning techniques allow over 200 items to be retrieved accurately from 100 machines in about 5 minutes from the first installation. Scan Speed settings allow even faster inventory.
- Custom credentials feature allows a different username and password for each machine.
- Scan only the items you need using scan properties.
- View all machines at once with a unique tabbed interface, eliminating the need to drill down through data.
- Conveniently view a single machine with the Detail View.
- Efficiently explore domains and workgroups, showing operating system and comments in real-time with a Fully integrated Network Browser
- Count occurrences of any item with a powerful itemization tool.
- Ability to include machines in the Active Directory.
- Load Machine lists from simple text files or Add Machines Manually
- Export data to a fully relational Microsoft Access (MDB), MS Excel, HTML, CSV (Comma Separated Value), or plain fixed-spaced text files.
- Securely save proprietary scan results with password protected 128-bit high-level encryption.
- Low network impact: Default settings use about 50 kibobytes both ways each while scanning 25 computers at once, allowing scanning of the slowest WANs.
- Time Elapsed and Estimated Time Remaining displayed during scans.
- Tab Manager allows quick and easy manipulation and access to columnar data.
- Perfect for network consultants who don't have time to set up solutions taking hours or days.
- GUI availability during all scanning operations greatly increases productivity.
- At less than a 5MB download, NEWT Pro is extremely lightweight.
- No reboot needed after install.


- 30 days trial

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    Jun 01, 2023
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