Network Tools

Top 10 Freeware
NetCut 3.5.4
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Ammyy Admin 3.5
Ammyy Admin is a remote computer access tool
oDC 5.31
Direct Connect client
StrongDC 2.42
Peer-to-peer client for the DirectConnect networks
Netman 6.41
A great assisatant for remote work
free open source file sharing program
eMule 0.50a
Filesharing client based on the eDonkey2000
Anti Netcut 3.1.0
Prevents Internet disconnection
ApexDC 1.6.5
Improved interface and much more!
10's Netcut-Defender 2.1.4
Protect Your Network Connection
Latest Updates
Auction Defender
A handy way to keep track of the things you’re bidding on on eBay
Wireshark 3.2.1
Network protocol analyzer
Free software hardware inventory windows
Portable Wireshark 3.2.1
A handy and convenient network protocol analyzer for Windows users
NetWorx 6.2.7
A robust tool that lets you monitor network traffic, fix connectivity issues, search for suspicious activity, and limit the bandwidth
RemotePC 7.6.23 (17-January-2019)
Gain remote access and control to another computer
NetWorx Portable 6.2.7
Evaluate your Internet bandwidth and get comprehensive reports and real-time graphs for related aspects
PingPlotter Pro 5.15.1 Build 7195
Monitor your networks, troubleshoot problems, track packet loss and latency and much more
VNC Viewer 6.20.113
A reliable application that enables you to connect to and control other computers remotely
Nsauditor Network Security Auditor
Scan and monitor network.Over 45 net tools.
PingPlotter Free 5.15.1 Build 7195
A handy network troubleshooting and diagnostic utility for analyzing packet loss problems and latency
Seafile 7.0.5
Syncronize your devices so that you can easily transfer files with this easy to use and handy application
Xmanager Power Suite 6.0 Build 0025
PC X server that runs on Windows platforms
Transfer large files without having to upload them on remote servers
Xshell 6.0 Build 0184
A powerful SSH, TELNET and RLOGIN terminal emulator for Windows
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Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition 2020 SP1
Altova StyleVision is a visual stylesheet designer for XML, XBRL, and databases
6 / 1,779
133 Mb
NetworkOpenedFiles 1.27
View the list of shared files accessible by a specific user in the local network and create HTML reports
10 / 1,647
0.0673828 Mb
Altova FlowForce Server 2020 SP1
Altova FlowForce Server automates data transformations and enterprise workflow.
6 / 1,934
323 Mb
AeroAdmin 4.6 Build 3171
Remotely connect to another computer with this user-friendly application
6 / 1,853
2.4 Mb
Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition 2020 SP1
Altova MissionKit is an award-winning XML, SQL, and UML toolkit featuring XMLSpy
7 / 1,852
347 Mb
aria2 1.35.0
A handy tool that offers a way to download files via a Command Prompt window
12 / 3,241
2.1 Mb
Air Explorer 2.7.0
An easy to use utility for exploring data stored on cloud servers with file transfer options
4 / 1,727
0.391602 Mb
Advanced Host Monitor 11.98
A comprehensive piece of software offering multiple network tests and various alert modes
7 / 1,622
30 Mb
Scanner for Remote Desktop
An effective application that lets you use your local scanner to acquire images, edit and save them directly in your remote desktop session
9 / 1,623
45.5 Mb
TigerVNC 1.10.0
A robust application that lets you create a VNC connection fast and easy
14 / 2,275
10 Mb
IsItUp 8.73
A comprenehsive application for monitoring servers, IP devices, websites and email and alert you when their status changes
6 / 1,805
21.7 Mb
A modern, user-friendly VPN client that lets you surf the web anonymously and bypass Internet censorship
6 / 2,163
4.9 Mb
TekWiFi 1.5.2
Connect to a wireless network, run a diagnosis and get the results with this intuitive tool
6 / 1,864
0.135742 Mb
MyImgur 3.93
A handy tool for uploading photos to your Imgur account with album sorting and screen capture capabilities
6 / 1,545
5.5 Mb
Resilio Sync (BitTorrent Sync) 2.5.12 (1191)
A secure way to sync directories across multiple devices
9 / 2,690
15.7 Mb
EMCO Ping Monitor Enterprise
Monitor network connections and send messages when lost or restore events occur
7 / 2,022
103 Mb
NetworkConnectLog 1.12
Shows the complete log of all computers that connect and disconnect from your network
4 / 1,880
0.337891 Mb
Sonos Controller 10.6.1
A comprehensive application that offers remote control over music players
9 / 2,283
35.1 Mb
AnyDesk 5.4.2
A handy tool that lets you easily remote control one or more computers
6 / 2,162
3 Mb
TorrentRover 1.3.5
A simple utility that was especially designed in order to help any user get the content they need through the BitTorrent protocol
4 / 1,711
9.1 Mb