Office Suites & Tools

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NXPowerLite Desktop 10.2.0
Optimize the size of documents, presentations and images in an effortless manner
14 / 1,507
49.2 Mb
Polaris Office 9.104 Build 214.52132
A powerful office software suite providing the ability to convert documents to other formats and sync files across multiple devices
16 / 2,214
258 Mb
Type Pilot 3.9.1 Build 0
A streamlined technical support program that types common text just by reading particular keywords you defined for various text snippets
10 / 1,456
1.4 Mb
PDF24 Creator 11.18.0
A handy application that allows you to convert any printable document to a PDF and manipulate it in various ways
16 / 1,584
337 Mb
Easyboost Photo Print
A photo editing tool that lets you enhance and prepare your images for printing
17 / 1,430
46.4 Mb
WriteYours 1.40 Build 63
Speed up typing by letting this app type in frequently used text pieces for you
15 / 1,668
0.271484 Mb
Everything I Own 4.0.7
A friendly piece of software that lets you create an inventory of all your possessions, along with important details
9 / 1,512
4.1 Mb
Grapheme 2.5.0
An advanced piece of software with powerful plotting functions that lets you generate various types of graphical representations for data in tables
19 / 1,854
257 Mb
Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.130.754.0
View and sort several set types of data and generate accurate reports
68 / 5,456
446 Mb
Valentina Studio 14.0
A reliable database management solution with a built-in schema editor and a query builder
27 / 3,139
58 Mb
File Blender 0.36
A reliable application that allows you to convert multiple audio, video, text, image, or code files with just a few mouse clicks
9 / 1,326
11.3 Mb
Sanwhole Studio 8.19.24051
A friendly application that lets you play and access a large number of documents, webpages and media files
19 / 1,674
388 Mb
Office Timeline Free Edition
Free, award-winning PowerPoint.add-in for making timeline and Gantt charts fast.
18 / 1,742
16.5 Mb
SmartEdit for Word
A useful Word plug-in that lets you edit texts and identify various spelling mistakes
11 / 1,396
28.9 Mb
A complex application designed for organizing notes and other types of information
13 / 1,497
79.3 Mb
A robust terminology program that lets you create and manage multiple databases with definitions
11 / 1,486
39.5 Mb
Reports Wizard 3.0.2
A feature-rich application that lets you create reports templates by managing the structure, data source and content to the smallest detail
9 / 1,502
5.8 Mb
FX Stat 24.03.21
A simple tool that offers basic features to perform statistical inquiries
33 / 1,453
73.6 Mb
Scanitto Pro 3.19
A friendly, small tool that allows you to acquire images from the scanner
9 / 1,344
12.7 Mb
5dchart Add-in for Excel
Draw 3D bubbles and graphs directly in Excel while specifying specific coordinates, sizes and colors with this user-friendly utility
7 / 1,499
6.4 Mb