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Opera 96.0.4693.50

Latest Opera release for Web

Opera is a very popular Internet browser, providing all the basic browsing tools but also extendedfeatures that will make your browsing experience smoother, safer and more efficient.

Besides common browser standards such as tabbed browsing, search-bar and bookmarking tools, Opera delivers some innovative features such as tab-stacking and locking, BitTorrent support, an advanced JavaScript engine for lightning-speed page loading and many more.



- Opera’s interface can be changed according to your personal preferences. Feel free to add, remove
and reposition buttons and toolbars, give Opera a stylish look by choosing from a large collection of
community-developed skins and setups or transform the layout completely and create your very own browser.
- The bookmarks bar keeps handy frequently visited sites and bookmark folders enabling you to access them instantly. Save precious time with useful tools to define browser actions such as customizable keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures and more.


- Opera takes tabbed-browsing to the next level with mouse-over preview enabled, tab stacking and the Closed Tabs button that allows you to open accidentally closed tabs.
- You can prevent your tabs from accidental closing by pinning them and if you use the same tabs
frequently you can save sets of tabs as “sessions” and open them anytime you want.
- Get around quickly from one tab to another with the visual tabs feature that display a small thumbnail for each website besides the page title and icon.


- Opera starts downloading the moment you click a file to save it and you can monitor the progress of downloads and pause or resume them from the Downloads tab.
- You can follow your favorite RSS feeds straight in the browser by subscribing to them via Opera Mail.
- The built-in spell checker will show misspelled words anytime you enter text on a webpage.
- If you are bothered or distracted by any element from a webpage such as images pop-ups or plug-ins you can use the “Block Content” option and disable them with a simple click.
- Extend your browser’s functionality with Opera Widgets, small applications that deliver useful features such as showing the weather, easy information search, entertainment, games and much more.
- Download torrents straight from the browser with Opera’s built-in support for BitTorrent. Additionally, you can monitor your torrent downloads from the Opera downloads panel.


- Opera’s address field can also be used as a search bar which you can customize to use the search engine you prefer. Search suggestions are enabled thanks to the built-in Google search predictions, Wikipedia, Bing and Yandex suggestions.
- The “Find in page” feature enables you to easily find what you need inside web pages with highlighted results for optimal visibility.

Latest Technologies
- Opera is powered by the Carakan JavaScript Engine, making it one of the fastest browsers currently available.
- Opera fully supports HTML5 thanks to the Opera Presto rendering engine which enables websites using the latest web standards, web apps, multiplayer games and the latest CSS3 functions.
- The integrated Vega graphics library powers up fast and smooth graphics rendering from simple tab switching to webpage animations.

Security and Privacy

- Opera is always up-to-date with the latest exploits, viruses and phishing scams, performing real-time checks of data from websites you visit and warning you when a site is identified as dangerous.
- Private browsing can be enabled by using a private tab that will delete your browsing history as soon as you close it.
- The address field will hide the complexity of long addresses to show you clearly which site you are visiting. Also the encryption quality used by the website is displayed as a colored badge.
- You can control which website cookies your browser will store, and define multiple set-ups for different servers.
- Opera offers you the means to keep it up-to-date through automatic updates or update notifications for the latest versions of the browser but also for extensions and Opera Unite apps.


- Opera provides support for developers through Opera Dragonfly, the integrated debugging
environment that will allow you to inspect the DOM, CSS, and network traffic and data stores,
troubleshoot your JavaScript and benefit from the powerful remote debugging functionality.
- Access articles and discussions about the latest web technologies at dev.opera, Opera’s online developer community.
- You can make your website look great on Speed Dial, Opera’s popular feature, which now offers support for high-resolution website icons.


- Get guidance for Opera by simply pressing the F1 key or by visiting the Opera forums where you can chat with the staff and the community.
- Information about your Opera browser version is available at Opera’s documentation site.

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