PC Guard for Win32

PC Guard for Win32

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PC Guard for Win32: Professional software protection and licensing system for developers

Professional software protection and licensing system for developers

When it comes to developing, it can be a risky game if you want to make money but don’t know how to protect your software from being cracked. If you have a software that’s worth money, you should absolutely be entitled to receive all the profits from its sale, but how can you be sure that your program has been protected as well as you need it to be?

With a program like PC Guard for Win32, you won’t have to worry anymore. PC Guard for Win32 has over 15 years of qualified experience in the software protection field, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone that’s looking to get professional level software protection and licencing for their Windows 32 bit and/or .NET Framework applications.


- Gives you professional quality, advanced software protection.
- A protection procedure that’s simple and easy to follow, yet is incredibly effective.
- Allows you to protect an unlimited number of your programs royalty free.
- Allows you to encrypt your application quickly and easily to help prevent cracking.
- Ensures that the distribution of your software is safe.
- Allows for incredibly simple and exceptionally secure licence management.
- A runtime encryption system that’s absolutely perfect for use by advanced users.
- An incredibly handy IP filtering system that’s incredibly easy to manage and use.
- Allows you to manage your protected programs updates quickly and easily.
- Unique support for non-standard applications.
- Supports third party licencing.
- Supports the calculation of activation codes over the internet as well as from your own application.
- A full featured web application that has everything you need to start protecting and licencing all of your software today.


- All protected applications will work fine under all Win32 and Win64 operating systems from Windows 95 on.

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