Photo & Graphic

Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Camera Raw 11.3.1
Raw files camera management
Free DWG Viewer
Free DWG Viewer will open native cad files
GIMP 2.10.10
GNU Image Manipulation Software
Blender 2.91.0
3D modeling, animation, rendering
NVIDIA PhysX 9.19.0218
Adds support for NVIDIA PhysX on GeForce 9800 GTX, GeForce GTX 280, and GeForce GTX 260 GPUs
PhotoScape 3.7
Fun and easy photo editing software
SnapDraw Free 3.20
Create Annotated High-Fidelity Screen Shots in Minutes, not Hours !
IrfanView 4.57
Good image viewer and converter
SketchUp Make 16.1.1450 32-bit / 17.2.2
An easy-to-learn 3D modeling program
XnView 2.49.4
View and convert any graphic format
Latest Updates
OkMap 15.3.0
Create custom maps then use them with your navigational system
Grapher 17.2.435
A functional application that lets you easily create 2D and 3D graphs and other types of charts
TexturePacker 5.5.0
Make sprite sheets and export them with this streamlined application
Picture Window Pro 8.0.191
Enhance your images with a variety of special effects using this reliable and efficient application
A practical drawing tool that enables you to create image maps and organizational charts
Rebelle 4.0.4
Get realistic watercolor effects and create beautiful artworks
Nevron .NET Vision 2019.1 (
Create diagrams, flowcharts and slide shows with ease.
IrfanView ALL plugins 4.57
Extend your installed IfranView
Art of Illusion 3.2.0
A powerful 3D modelling and rendering application
Hydrus Network 425
A capable application designed to help you manage large media collections and re-organize them using tags instead of folders
Laser GRBL 3.9.7
Create and prepare the image that you want to employ with your DIY Laser Engraver using this simple and straightforward software solution
A management and planning app for construction workers and professionals
IrfanView 4.57
Good image viewer and converter
FontViewOK 6.63
See all installed fonts
FlashBack Pro 5.49.0 Build 4634
A screen recording tool you can use to create professional looking movies and tutorials
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Nine-patch editor 1.25
Allows you to generate a NinePatch image file.
24 / 2,572
3.5 Mb
24 / 2,217
21.5 Mb
RecFusion 2.2.0
Reconstruct 3D replicas of people and object using depth sensors from Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion
28 / 3,103
101 Mb
KeyShot 10.0.198
A feature-rich rendering engine for 3D projects
20 / 3,626
801 Mb
xrayutilities 1.7.1
An open-source package of scripts required to open and analyze X-ray diffraction data from EDF, XRDML, SPEC and other types of data files
29 / 4,914
8 Mb
Adobe Premiere Elements 2021
Incredible movies, effortlessly! Adobe Premiere Elements software delivers powerful, automated movie-editing options; professional-quality effects; quick and easy sharing; and more.
8 / 2,283
5.8 Mb
TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer
Edit, customize, and burn MPEG video files easily and effortlessly with this simple and comprehensive application
12 / 1,971
112 Mb
Sante DICOM Viewer Pro 11.8.1
A comprehensive application that lets you preview and analyze DICOM files
29 / 4,052
53.8 Mb
ThunderSoft Slideshow Factory 5.2.0
Easily create slideshows from photos and videos
25 / 2,472
31.5 Mb
OpenOrienteering Mapper Portable 0.9.4
Simple solution to create orienteering maps
36 / 7,766
36.7 Mb
OpenOrienteering Mapper 0.9.4
A user-friendly application for creating orienteering maps
15 / 2,110
29.4 Mb
Twixtor 7.4.1
A powerful plugin that allows you to change the frame rate from a video clip, offering you the possibility to obtain stunning visuals
24 / 3,400
34.3 Mb
Hardcopy 2020.11.12
Save areas of your desktop or the entire screen to files or print them quickly with this handy tool
24 / 2,602
6.8 Mb
ScanSpeeder 3.12
Easily digitize photos using a flatbed scanner and extract photos from scans with this simple tool
31 / 2,843
9.9 Mb
Metalith 10.09
A handy metadata editor that lets you read, analyze and edit metadata from images
23 / 2,668
16.8 Mb
Easy HDTV DVR 1.6.3
Record, play, pause, and watch all of your favourite HDTV television programs and movies with this handy utility
12 / 2,114
0.529297 Mb
Helicon Remote 3.9.12
Control various digital SLR camera functions with this powerful, efficient, and reliable software application
13 / 1,908
18.2 Mb
Java Graticule 3D 20210112
An application designed to perform geodetic estimations
6 / 3,188
90.5 Mb
VideoMeld 1.65
Edit and mix together multiple audio tracks with a little bit of help from this reliable and efficient software
22 / 3,949
11.8 Mb
Fractal Zoomer
Extremely easy to use fractal viewer featuring more than 100 fractal types
33 / 2,739
10.8 Mb