sPortable (Portable Skype)

sPortable (Portable Skype)
Adam Jones
Reviewed by Adam Jones
Updated on Oct 19, 2023

sPortable, often referred to as Portable Skype, is a modification that assists in running Skype on your machine without needing a full installation on Windows. This software, developed with Portapps, maintains the core essence of Skype, known for its video chat and voice call capabilities, while adding the portability factor.

This means you can carry your Skype around in a USB drive and use it on the go.

Here are the primary features of sPortable:

  • Voice, video, and text chat.
  • Advanced instant messaging.
  • Video and phone calling features.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Customizable settings including sounds, pictures, and ring tones.
  • Conference calls with up to 50 participants at once.
  • Encrypted and secure call features.
  • Quick file transfer capabilities.

User Experience and Portability

The user experience of sPortable is designed to closely mirror that of the standard Skype version. This is essential as users switching to a different version of a high-profile program like Skype would want a familiar interface and functionality. The portability is a standout feature of sPortable. With a simple download and setup, you can carry Skype on a USB drive, plug it into any Windows computer, and use it without a full installation process.

Installation and Upgrade

The installation process of sPortable is straightforward. You download the latest portable setup, run skype-portable.exe, and you're ready. If you have previously installed the original Skype setup, you will need to move certain files from %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Skype for Desktop\* to data, then run skype-portable.exe and remove Skype from your computer. For upgrades, simply download and install the latest portable setup.

Configuration and Modifications

There are certain modifications done to ensure portability. For instance, a switch --data-path=<data_path> is passed to the process to specify the directory where the user profile is stored. This <data_path> is dynamically generated at launch. A shortcut is created at launch to allow native notifications and is removed when Skype™ is closed. sPortable also allows for configuration through a main YAML configuration file. For example, you can set cleanup: true to clean up leftover folders.

Alternative Software

When considering other software options, both paid and free, here are a few alternatives to sPortable:

  • Zoom: A popular choice for video conferencing with a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Google Meet: A free alternative with robust video conferencing capabilities.
  • Microsoft Teams: Integrated with Microsoft 365, it offers a suite of collaboration tools alongside video conferencing.
Feature sPortable Zoom Google Meet Microsoft Teams
Video Conferencing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voice Calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Sharing Yes Yes No Yes
Customizability Yes Limited Limited Yes
Portability Yes No No No

While using sPortable, I found the portability feature to be a lifesaver, especially when I had to use different computers at work and home. The voice and video call quality was on par with the standard Skype version, and the ability to customize settings made the experience more personalized. The easy file transfer feature came in handy during collaborative projects. The software indeed lives up to its promise of providing Skype on the go.

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