ProcessTCPSummary: Find out the processes that employ TCP connections or that are listening to UDP ports

ProcessTCPSummary is a functional application that provides comprehensive details regarding the TCP ports that are open on your system as well as the processes that require or use them. This type of information can be useful when working with programs hosted on manged or shared servers as in that case you need to make sure there are no unwanted ports open.

The program is portable so no installation is needed. You simply need to unpack the downloaded archive and run the executable. After launch, ProcessTCPSummary will scan your system and display all the processes with active connections or using UDP ports.

You will be able to view the total number of TCP connections as well as their status for each process which can be either established, listening, syn-sent, or syn-received. The application also shows details regarding the common local and remote ports, as well as the path of the monitored process.

To access the full list of features you will need to run the program with administrative permissions. In that case, ProcessTCPSummary will also show the speed for the monitored processes, and the exact number of bytes sent and received via the TCP and UDP ports.

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