Python: A remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains

Python is an advanced dynamic programming language used in a large array of application domains. Its versatile standard library, powerful and dynamic introspection capabilities and advanced language features cover everything from asynchronous processing to zip files and allow you to handle pretty much any problem domain such as building web servers or flexible data-driven code.


- Readable, clear syntax.
- Designed with powerful introspection capabilities.
- Intuitive object orientation.
- Natural expression of procedural code.
- Full modularity with support for hierarchical packages.
- Exception-based error handling.
- Contains high level dynamic data types.
- A large variety of standard libraries and third party modules designed for many different tasks are available.
- Possibility to easily write C and C++ (or Java/Jython for IronPython) extensions and modules.
- Can be embedded within applications as a scripting interface.

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    Jun 07, 2024
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