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R Portable

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R Portable: Powerful programming language software for creating statistical and graphic display.

R Portable is a programming language tool that was created for statistical and graphic display, and since it's portable it can be copied and pasted on any removable storage device without leaving any traces in the Windows registry.

In order to open R on windows, you will be able to do so via the built-in command console, or use the console-based GUI for more comfortable usage, and like other consoles, it may seem like a simple text editor but it does come with more particularities.

The software comes with some special functions that should help move around with more efficiency, while you will be able to scroll using the keyboard PgUp, PgDown, Ctrl+arrow keys, or the Ctrl+Home/End keys.

You will also be able to edit and delete and they will be carried out via keyboard and the information under the Console entry in the Help menu, and it also lets you install new packages that will make R even more versatile, while also allowing you to stop either the current or all computations with the press of a single click.

The tool is primarily used by data miners in order to create statistical and data analysis apps and it's similar to S language, which many consider the former a different implementation of the latter, and it can run under R with no problems.

R portable is a great software for programming language and it should be easy to use once you have learned all the commands.

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