Revolver Office

Revolver Office


Revolver Office: Write offers and bills, manage goods

Write offers and bills, manage goods and stores, calculate with the help of the time billing function

Revolver Office will master all your commercial transactions.

Includes all Revolver Mail Pro functions and substantial commercial functions. Write offers and bills with Revolver, manage goods and stores, calculate with the help of the time billing function the profitability of a job, get an overview when ever you wish through the turnover-statistics, open-positions- list and more.

Revolver Office is the ideal product for all self-employed and small businesses to a faire price.

Revolver Office features :

Surface Design:
- At most the revised surface Design falls in the eye. After three years with the past Design we took up the current trends of the new operating systems (Vista, Leopard). In the navigation border at the lefthand side the categories fold up now with a soft movement. Buttons give now a visual feedback. Almost all ranges of the gun surface were improved.

Improved operation:
- Nearly all functions are now in the new tool border at the right edge summarized. All Buttons is marked, thus also opportunity users get along immediately.

Project summary and preview with indicator rings:
- When leafing through the current projects you can recognize now on a view, where critical Situatuationen can occur or already occurred. The three indicator rings indicate, how much time up to the date of delivery remains, how many project steps are not yet settled and like the conditions of the time account is (being/target comparison). If certain limit values are over and/or are fallen below, gun warns you with remarkable markings.

Improved stop watch:
- The stop watch is now down right in the tool border. With one click on the stop watch Button appears a small window, into which all data can be directly entered for time registration: Project, indexing step, achievement, notes and whether the time can be accounted for.

Team function:
- In Revolver 7 you can furnish to teams. Each coworker can be member in several teams. The calendar can indicate also team calendars now, whole teams can in a date participate. In lists can be filtered after teams, which know rights of access for individual documents to a team are assigned. A contraction can be assigned to each user beyond that now.

External files deposit:
- Whether Word, Excel or Illustrator: With Revolver 7 you attach arbitrary files to projects. These are stored central at the server and are then also accessible for other users.

Book keeping interface:
- Revolver 7 exports all relevant data for the Lexware accountant by push of a button (and compatible programs). Posting dates, customers and suppliers are handed over so electronically.


- You can put on maximally 1,000 documents and/or positions on each expression and in each E-Mail is a small marking in the Design mode you cannot put on new lists and new fields the server permits only the registration of a simultaneous user the commercial use is not permitted
- What happens, if the 1,000 documents are used up?
- They can secure no new documents more and receive an appropriate error message.
- Is the demo temporally limited?
- No, it runs without temporal delimitation.

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