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Java JRE

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Java JRE: Run Java applications

Java is probably the most popular development platform on the planet, with millions of applications and websites already powered by Oracle's framework. The technology is used on all major platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux, with some applications within the mobile ecosystems.

Java Runtime Environment or Java JRE is actually a virtual machine that allows you to execute and test various applications written within the Java framework. This is particularly useful since it provides the testing grounds for future applications without the need for deployment on specific operating systems. The runtime environment provides all the classes and libraries to be able to run .jar files, the proprietary Java format.

It's worth mentioning that Java JRE also bundles a plugin that allows testing within local browsers, particularly useful if you're doing web applications. That being said, if you're a Java developer or a tester, Java JRE virtual machine is a must for testing various applications written in Java.

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