System Utilities

Top 10 Freeware
Trackpad++ Driver and Control Module 3.6
The only alternate driver for Apple’s Multitouch Trackpad for Windows
Power Plan Assistant 3.3a
The world's smartest power management tool
Set of overclocking software
GMABooster 2.1b
Boost performance on your Intel Graphic Card
CPU-Z 2.01
Information about your processor
Risingware Exp+ Free Edition 3.1.0
File Manager, Web Browser,and Utilities.
UBCD4WIN 3.6.0
Bootable repair disk
Windows Automated Installation Kit AIK 3.0
Install, customize, and deploy vista
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 7.2
Delete the configuration of Windows Installer on failed installs
File Splitter and Joiner 3.3
fastest FILE Splitter and Joiner
Latest Updates
Vim 8.2.5010
Highly configurable text editor
Portable FontViewOK 7.51
A lightweight and portable program that allows you to compare the fonts on your system and add new ones
Rocrail 20-05-2022 Revision 2462
An open source and accessible Model Railroad Control System for controlling your model railroads with ease
Acoustica Premium Edition 7.4.0
A reliable PC optimization application designed to free up RAM, optimize settings and more
EaseUS Todo Backup Free 2022 Build 20220521
Easy to use backup and file restore software
Simple Sticky Notes
Add notes to your desktop
Autorun Organizer 5.18
Easily manage the programs that automatically run every time you turn on your computer
Control the volume levels separately, for each running application
Personal Backup
Backup and save your important data
A backup and recovery software tool
Chris-PC Game Booster 6.05.19
Configure your system’s parameters to get maximum gaming performance out of it with this handy application
StartAllBack 3.4.1
Useful tool for users that want to get back all the items that were changed in Windows 11.
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard
Automate your mouse and keyboard with this reliable, intuitive, and easy to use application
Portable XYplorer 23.10.0000
A powerful file managing system that can be used as an alternative to Windows Explorer
An effective solution to prevent Windows from tracking your online activities that turns off related settings
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A powerful benchmarking software that can rigorously test the performance of your graphics card and CPU and compare them to other systems
138 / 2,206
249 Mb
Intelligent standby list cleaner Beta
Keep track of the standby memory and clear it when the free memory limit is reached to avoid performance issues using this application
158 / 3,049
0.357422 Mb
Un-Hider 3.0
Un-hide files and folders from your computer or from a removable media storage (such as a pen drive) by turning to this application
203 / 4,997
0.5 Mb
DocPad 28.0
A comprehensive and user-friendly software solution that offers you several utilities, such as macros, encoding tools, character map and spell check
131 / 1,655
9.9 Mb
Advanced Renamer Portable 3.88.1
Rename files and folders on your computer in an easy manner, replacing text sections and inserting prefixes or suffixes in batch
167 / 2,024
15 Mb
View out-of-date applications on your computer, download the latest available versions and install them to keep everything up-to-date
135 / 1,429
26.8 Mb
AutoPowerOptionsOK 4.93
Make sure the energy plans on your computer switch automatically to Power Saver and the monitor turns off when you are AFK
130 / 1,421
0.0869141 Mb
Futuremark SystemInfo 5.50 Build 1092
This benchmark component can offer you information regarding your system processes, services, performance, as well as hardware data
134 / 1,336
3 Mb
Keep your Western Digital SSD's performance at peak levels by turning to this handy application that provides you with a wide array of tools
150 / 2,653
4 Mb
RetroArch 1.10.3
Play classical games and launch old applications on modern computers and consoles using this cross-platform, open-source emulator that has an online library, achievements, and more
32 / 1,771
177 Mb
WinNTSetup 4.2.0
Personalize your Windows setup before installing it on your computer by using this reliable and straightforward software solution
44 / 2,494
2.2 Mb
Managed Disk Cleanup 2019.5.1.1000
Open-source alternative to the deprecated Disk Cleanup, featuring an almost identical UI and functionality in the form of a small, portable program
17 / 952
0.0751953 Mb
MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 12.6
Keep your home computer's hard disk drive free of errors and manage its partitions with the help of this intuitive software application
52 / 2,554
26.7 Mb
MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 12.6
Quickly and easily take care of all your volumes and partitions with this reliable application software featuring the latest technology
15 / 1,777
26.6 Mb
NoteBook FanControl 1.6.3
Quickly and effortlessly tweak your notebook's fan speed configuration with the help of this user-friendly and streamlined utility
26 / 2,052
2.2 Mb
HashMyFiles 2.43
A small, yet powerful and reliable application that will allow you to easily calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of the selected files
29 / 1,435
0.0673828 Mb
GOG Galaxy Beta
Acquire content from GOG, discover new entries, download them to your computer and organize them efficiently with this lightweight client
12 / 1,041
0.9375 Mb
Hardentools 2.1
Harden your computer's security by disabling multiple Windows, Office and Acrobat Reader features at once, such as macros, ActiveX, autorun and autoplay
19 / 1,750
8.2 Mb
Partition Saving 4.60
Save, restore and copy hard-drives, partitions, floppy disks, and DOS devices with the help of this simple-to-use software application
14 / 1,460
3.4 Mb
NovaBACKUP PC 19.8 Build 1325.1
A powerful application that automatically backs up and protects your important files on your laptop, PC or workstation and provides you with various security tools
16 / 1,001
312 Mb