System Utilities

Top 10 Freeware
Trackpad++ Driver and Control Module 3.6
The only alternate driver for Apple’s Multitouch Trackpad for Windows
Power Plan Assistant 3.3a
The world's smartest power management tool
Set of overclocking software
GMABooster 2.1b
Boost performance on your Intel Graphic Card
CPU-Z 2.01
Information about your processor
Risingware Exp+ Free Edition 3.1.0
File Manager, Web Browser,and Utilities.
UBCD4WIN 3.6.0
Bootable repair disk
Windows Automated Installation Kit AIK 3.0
Install, customize, and deploy vista
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 7.2
Delete the configuration of Windows Installer on failed installs
File Splitter and Joiner 3.3
fastest FILE Splitter and Joiner
Latest Updates
Freeplane 1.10.3
A mind map creation program that bundles various templates
Create a personalized and optimized Windows version by removing unnecessary components
Executor 1.0.8 Build 0
Powerul launcher that replaces the Run tool, and sports many customization options.
Driver Talent
Complete driver management solution designed to update old drivers, fix driver issues and create driver backups
HWiNFO64 7.26 Build 4800
HWINFO64 - Displays hardware information and diagnoses computers
Q-Dir 10.88
A quad-pane file manager that’s incredibly easy to use
Portable UVK (Ultra Virus Killer)
A portable Windows repair multi-tool
UVK (Ultra Virus Killer)
Bundles advanced tools for cleaning, boosting and optimizing your system.
EF Talk Scriber 22.06
A robust application for converting audio into text by writing down based on feedback
Exact Duplicate Finder
A simple tool that lets you find and delete duplicate files with various useful options
3uTools 2.61.025
Flash other firmware or jailbreak your iOS device with this robust application
HWiNFO32 7.26 Build 4800
Easily find your hardware info
Advanced SystemCare Free
Repair your computer and let your windows fly
Vim 8.2.5154
Highly configurable text editor
Iperius Backup 7.6.4
Backup your files and folders on various devices
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FolderSizes 9.5 Build 386
Handy tool to help users monitor the space on their systems.
4 / 678
23.4 Mb
IM-Magic Partition Resizer 4.1.4
Useful program for resizing, copying, deleting or formating disk drives.
1 / 753
10.8 Mb
Keystroke Visualizer 2.1
Helpful tool for showing what keys are pressed on a keyboard, hotkeys or shortcuts.
1 / 485
2.4 Mb
tb-vol-scroll 4.1.2
Handy app that allows users to control their systems volume in a different way.
3 / 798
0.25293 Mb
GRBackPro 9.3.13
Handy app for data backup, encrypting and schedule processing tasks.
2 / 600
5.2 Mb
Jovial Menu 2.4
Helpful application to help access local or online items using efficient shortcuts.
3 / 767
0.0625 Mb
HDShredder 6.0.0d
Powerful tool for anyone that needs to permanently delete the data on a hard drive.
1 / 925
85.3 Mb
Jovial Menu 2.4
Useful utility for gathering information about the operating system.
1 / 773
0.0625 Mb
Useful app to help users make backups, synchronize folders or mirror them, and keeping data safe.
2 / 833
38.6 Mb
Move Mouse for Windows 10
Cool looking app for Windows users to simulate mouse input or run complex scripts.
1 / 559
21.7 Mb
Powerful tool that will provide users with better search features.
1 / 482
4.7 Mb
Powerful application that will help users recover deleted files in a certain time frame.
1 / 491
3.2 Mb
Powerful app that allows the users to easily grab hash values from any files to analyse.
1 / 491
6.3 Mb
Handy tool that will allow users to easily update files using a patch file.
1 / 495
7 Mb
TabletFriend 1.2.0
Useful application for Windows touch-screen fans
3 / 1,061
56.4 Mb
Windows 11 Requirements Check Tool 1.4.0
Useful tool to check if your PC is ready for the Windows 11 upgrade.
3 / 1,165
0.4375 Mb
ueli 8.22.0
Easy to use tool to help users instantly locate programs on their computers.
4 / 764
144 Mb
Time saving application when you need to find and open files and sub-folders from a chosen location.
1 / 468
9 Mb
Multipass 1.9.2
Useful utility for developers and other users that need a clean and fresh Linux environment.
1 / 499
21.6 Mb
EF CheckSum Manager 22.06
Simple to use tool that will help users read and compare file hashes to check file integrity.
4 / 1,349
2.5 Mb