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Extremely powerful security solution

WinLock Professional is an extremely powerful solution for Windows security because it allows you to set up a restrict access to different resources of your PC.

It is a great tool that allows you to lock only certain parts of your PC, so sensitive information can be used only by privileged people. It allows you to control how long others can use your PC.

As this is the Professional version next to basic features that come with regular WinLock, here you have some advanced features such as the ability to apply different restrictions separately to each account, internet-related restrictions, parental control and website content filtration, onscreen countdown timer, and built-in file encryption.

With the ability to apply different restrictions separately to each user account you are able to create different security measures for each user account and thus manage successfully security in a multiple user environment. Once set up, WinLock will activate restrictions that are specified for the user using the PC at the time. You can also setup WinLock to remove restrictions for a specified Windows user.

With internet-related restrictions, you are provided with a group of different IE policies and improved filtration of the web content. This will allow you to easily control, protect, and restrict Internet access.

Parental control and website content filtration in the pro edition of WinLock next to checking the web address it also scans the entire web page and its server along with hidden meta-tags and prohibited words. To put things into perspective if you setup the word “sex” to be a forbidden keyword, all websites containing this word will be prohibited. This allows you to forbid your children to access unsuitable content for minors on the web.

The onscreen countdown timer allows you to put up a reaming time on a digital clock display which is great if you want to let your kid know how much time he has left for using the PC, or if you are owner of an internet café.

With built-in encryption you will be able to encrypt any file and keep them safe from hackers and potential intruders. With LockBox wizard you will be able to protect any information with ease. Built-in file encryption is based on an extremely strong and powerful crypto algorithm. Encrypted files can only be decrypted with a correct password. Brute forcing this encryption is virtually impossible.

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