WinPython: Highly useful portable distribution of Python

Highly useful portable distribution of Python

WinPython is a form of distribution of the Python programming language created specifically for scientists.

This package has been created to be more flexible than regular Python XY so it can be moved around with ease without affecting any of the functionalities.

You can install and use multiple WinPython distributions on a single machine, which allows you to perform simultaneous tests and to personalize each version with specific Python package.

This is a fully featured Python based distribution for creating scientific environments. It allows scientists to dive into interactive data processing and data visualization using Python combined with Spyder.

Advanced scientific users and software developers can use WinPython for developing applications with Spyder, Mercurial and other development tools like get text.

Like mentioned above, the tool is completely portable, which means it is preconfigured and it should successfully run on every Windows machine with no installation needed. It is completely stand-alone distribution it does not require any prior packages to be installed on your Windows OS.

WinPython is completely customizable and it features the integrated package manager called WPPM or WinPython package manager which helps installing, upgrading or uninstalling different Python packages.

The distribution comes with a configuration file which allows one to set environment variables at runtime.

Even though it is a portable application, it can be registered with Windows in order to associate it with file extension such as .py, . pyc and .pyo.

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