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Zlib: Useful general purpose data compression library that sports many features and handy functions.

Zlib is a general-purpose data compression library that was developed to be compatible with the GZIP format, in order to provide in-memory and decompression functions, which includes integrity checks of the uncompressed data.

GZIP will never expand the data and the independent like the LZW compression method specific to Linux, and it is independent across platforms, which means that its footprint can be reduced at the cost of compression.

It also supports reading and writing files in GZIP format, and it does not install any signal handler, while the decoder will check the consistency of the compressed data, and it will never crash the library even in the case of corrupted input.

The program will also be able to work with files that are larger than 4GB, and will both inflate and deflate functions.

Zlib is a very useful compression library that comes packed with many features, and support for GZIP format that will definitely be useful to all users that need it.

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    Jan 26, 2024
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