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Detects and records sound or movement

iSpy is an open source camera security application that can detect and record movement and sound using microphones and webcams, providing services for monitoring, alerting, security and surveillance.

iSpy captures media and compresses it to flash format. The captured videos can be accessed over the internet or through the built-in web server.

The application can run simultaneously on multiple computers. Through the built-in web server or the official website you can view live webcam feeds, captured media and remotely control the program.

iSpy is free and open source, so you can download the application’s code and modify it to your liking.


- Capable of monitoring a virtually unlimited number of connected cameras and microphones
- Allows you to connect multiple computers
- Remotely control connected computers over the web or the built-in web server
- The program is capable of detecting, tracking, highlighting and recording movement
- Movement detection areas on connected cameras can be customized
- Capable of detecting and recording sound
- Capable of running any application or sending alerts via e-mail or SMS when movement/sound is detected/not detected
- Can send you movement alerts via e-mail that include frame grab images from the monitored webcams
- Can send you webcam image grabs periodically via e-mail
- Capable of connecting to any device, including webcams of other computers
- Watch recorded and live media on your computer, over the web through the official website and on mobile devices
- Remote access and control of the application
- Password-protection is provided
- Schedule automatic sound and video capture
- Lets you time-lapse record from your cameras
- Can count moving objects and track motion
- Lets you connect multiple iSpy and iSpy server instances that run on different computer to the official website and view all media online

Software Specifications

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