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Control your computer via e-mail with ease

There’s more than one way to remotely access and control your PC – sRemote is an application that lets you control your machine through e-mail.

Commands are sent in an e-mails subject’s field. Based on the command you send your PC can carry out a variety of tasks such as sending you a screenshot, a list of running processes, e-mail you some files, launch an application, move a file, start a download and the list goes on!

Obviously the application is password-protected – you’ll need to set up a password at first launch. Then you need to enter your Gmail username and password – so sRemote can monitor this account and add a second Gmail account where the application can send replies.

You also need to set the number of seconds in which sRemote checks the monitored email account. Simply click on “Start monitoring” so you’ll be able to access and control your computer through email!

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