How To: Speed dial on Windows Phone

Starting with WP 8.1, the native Phone app features a Speed dial panel where you can add contacts with whom you frequently communicate for easy access. If you missed this feature all I can say is you were probably too focused on scrolling down through the History panel and didn’t bother to see ‘Speed’ appearing greyed out in the upper right corner of the screen, hinting at the next panel’s function.

1. Open the Phone app.

2. Swipe to the right to open up the Speed dial panel.

Speed Dial options

3. Tap on the ‘+’ option to add contacts.

4. Tap on any contact and it will be added automatically to your Speed dial list. You can also use the ‘Select’ option to add multiple contacts. That’s it!

Note: If a contact has more than one phone number you’ll have to choose which one you want added to Speed dial.

Speed dial is the fastest way to call a contact, besides pinning the contact itself onto your Start Screen. But if you have a lot of people you call or text with often, it can be rather unproductive to clutter your Start Screen with tiles for each one (unless you create a Live Folder to store them in).

Do you find Speed dial useful? Let us know!

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