SpeedTest: Simple solution for testing network and Internet connection speed

A tool that allows testing network and Internet connection transfer speed such as SpeedTest can be useful not just for professional purposes. This small, free application was in fact created so anyone could use it, even beginners.

Installation & Requirements

SpeedTest includes both server and client utilities. During the setup, users have the option to install the whole package or just one of the tools. Other than that, the installation is fast and only contains standard settings.

SpeedTest is a very small application that runs on most popular Windows editions, from Windows 2000 to Windows 8 and has no additional requirements.


The SpeedTest Server and Client each have their own UI. The Server’s interface offers just a Start button that allows the user to select a port and a file to be used as test data.

The SpeedTest Client can test connections against SpeedTest Server or a website. Of course you can also use it to check out the connection speed between two computers. The default grid view displays a list of all tested connections along with related information such as duration, test data size and transfer speed.

The same data is graphically displayed in the Speed Chart view. The graphic shows each tested connection with a different color and its information placed in a textbox.

SpeedTest offers only essential functions for testing network and Internet connections. Advanced users will probably not be satisfied. Nevertheless, its simplicity is what makes this tool accessible even for individuals that have no experience in this domain yet they still need to perform some tests.


– Lightweight, free utility.
– Users can install the entire package or just the Server/Client.
– Offers two different views of tested connections.
– Allows testing connection speed between your computer and websites, another computer in your network.


– No exporting options.


SpeedTest is a free tool that offers just the ability of testing connection speed between two computers from the same network or a computer and a website. While demanding users would appreciate more features, SpeedTest in its current form remains accessible even for beginners.