SpeedyFox: Optimize your network

SpeedyFox is an extremely small utility that will let you optimize a variety of different Internet applications with the click of a button.

Installation & Requirements

There is no setup for the application. You have to download the file, extract it in a folder of your choice and then run the executable file and you are good to go. You will one of the extra programs that the application supports in order for it work.


The application is as simple as the developers describe it. When you first start it, it will compile a list of the supported applications that you currently have installed in your computer. SpeedyFox supports Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Skype and other applications. You will be able to view specific information about them like the specific Skype profiles that exist in your computer.

You can select as many or as few applications as you want.  You can even set the application to work on specific profiles only. What the application does really is defragment the files on your profile because as time goes on the data gets more and more cluttered, causing the application to run slower the more you are using it. It will not retrieve or modify your personal data at all.

When you are done with your settings, which admittedly are not many, you simply need to click on the Optimize button and the application will do the rest. You will see the changes made in real time and the whole process should not take much depending of course on the number of applications you are currently optimizing and the hardware specifications of your computer. The optimization changes are immediate and you can even delete the application after that and the changes will remain the same. There is no way to roll the changes back but there should be no need either.

You can also use the application through the command line. All the different commands are available when you press the appropriate button in the application and you can even copy the text to your clipboard in order to paste them directly to the command line.


-No installation required and an extremely small file size
-Very easy to use since everything is done in a couple of clicks
-Clean interface with detailed information
-Command line support


-Limited options


If you want to optimize the speed of the supported applications in a few clicks then you have nothing to lose by downloading SpeedyFox. It is free, it requires no installation and the worst that could happen is that it will not work for you.