How To: Split large files with 7-zip

If you have ever wanted to send a file using a conventional e-mail service, you will know that it does not accept large files. There are also various other websites and services that restrict file size when uploading files. Furthermore, if you are not in a good connection, you might want to consider splitting your files when sending them over to someone so that if something goes wrong, you can pick up where you left off instead of having to send the files all over again.

Thankfully, 7-zip is a very versatile tool that will let you split large files to smaller ones using your own settings. Of course, the people you will send the files to will need to have 7-zip or a similar archive tool available in order to extract the files once you send them over, which should not be very hard to do considering archive tools are one of the most commonly used programs in the world. If you do not have 7-zip, you can download it by clicking on that link.


When you have 7-zip in your computer, it is time to create the files. First you will need to actually open the program’s file manager. Depending on your settings, you might find it in your desktop, on your start menu or in its installation folder. Once you have opened it you will notice that it is presented like a Windows Explorer interface. Navigate to the files you are looking for either by typing the path on the respective field or by simply browsing your folders. After you have found that particular file you want, right click on it and choose the “Split file” option from the context menu. A new window will pop up and you will have to choose an output folder and the size of each separate file. Either choose one from the dropdown list or type a size of your own. Click on OK and the process will automatically start.


There is an easier way to do this as well. If you have enabled context menu integration of 7-zip with Windows Explorer, you can right click on the file you want to split, go to the 7-Zip menu and choose “Add to Archive” option. This will bring up a ton of options but the one you really care about is the “Split to volumes, bytes” option. You can again choose the size you want but now you will have even more options like setting a password for the archive.