How To: Split PDF files

If you work with PDF files, there is no doubt that you will need to split some of them at one point or the other. Copying pages manually is a very tedious process that can be made easier with a variety of methods. Today we are going to be looking at what I consider to be the most constructive methods of splitting PDF files but there are probably more out there than what we will cover in this guide.

Virtual Printers

Foxit Virtual Printer

There are tons of programs and utilities out there that provide virtual printing services. Even free PDF readers like Foxit Reader allow you to install virtual printer drivers so that you can split files with ease. The process in these situations is quite simple indeed. You click on the print button, select the pages you want to virtually print and a new PDF containing those pages will get created at your target location. This is probably one of the easiest ways to split PDF files and most readers nowadays have this functionality so you do not have to download any additional applications.



This free online utility provides an unexpected amount of options and will surely please the vast majority of users. You can drag and drop files or upload them from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. You can then select the exact pages you want to extract as you can add as many as you want via the More button. You can also choose to customize the names of the split files before you even begin the splitting process. A secure connection can also be established with ease by clicking on the “secure connection” link to open the page in https. It is simply a fantastic way to split your PDF files and I doubt you will find a more comprehensive app for free and online nonetheless.

Dedicated applications


There are many programs out there like UnityPDF and PDF Split and Merge Basic (AKA PDFsam) that are specifically designed for the manipulation of PDF files and splitting falls into that category. If you are planning to use the splitting feature a lot then you should definitely download one of these applications to see if they suit your needs, otherwise the aforementioned methods might be the best solution for you.