Spy Emergency: Protect yourself from malware

Spy Emergency is a malware protection suite that will defend your computer against spyware and viruses of all kinds. The application is offered as a fully functional trial version for 15 days after which it turns into a semi-functional mode until you purchase a license.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is pretty simple and should complete very fast even on lower end systems. After it is done you will be able to choose some options like choosing a different skin for the program and enabling a Spy Emergency option in the context menu. The program supports all versions of Windows from 2000 and beyond.


Be sure to have an active internet connection when you start the application as it will need to update its virus database. After that you can proceed to the main window. The program is divided into several tabs that you can access from the left side of the window. The status tab is the main control hub where you will be able to view detailed information about the malware the application has encountered, the scanned objects and more. Furthermore, this is the place where you can find all of your logs from the scans and the malware. You will also be able to initiate a scan albeit with few options.

For more advanced scanning options you will have to go to the appropriate tab. The scanning modes are accurately represented by specific icons like a running man for the quick scan and a snail for the full scan. There are four scanning modes, namely quick, system, full and custom. Clicking on any of the first three will immediately initiate the scanning process while the custom one needs some extra attention as you will need to set up the exact areas of your computer you want to scan.

After the scans are done you will be taken to the Remove tab if any threats are found. There you can choose to delete the items or move them to the Keep List. Furthermore, The Cage tab is the quarantine equivalent of the program where you will be able to check out all of the registered threats and delete them permanently or restore them if you wish.

You can configure all of your scanning options as well as your whitelist by visiting the Options and Keep List tabs. There are many aspects of the application that are not enabled by default like the anti-spam module that you can enable through the settings menu. In addition to that, more advanced users will want to customize the scanner’s behavior as well as the real-time protection aspects of the application. Finally, the News tab will update itself with any important news or announcements regarding the program.


-Fast installation
-Takes up few resources
-Neatly designed interface with a focus on functionality and elegance
-Fast yet detailed scans


-More advanced features are missing


Spy Emergency is a fine example of an internet security program that should offer high levels of protection for most users. The user-friendly interface, fast scans and minimal resources that are required to run the program are huge bonuses.