Spy Hunter – Spyware Remover: Protect your privacy

There are tons of different threats on the Internet as unfortunate as that might be and spyware are unfortunately very prevalent nowadays. Spy Hunter – Spyware Remover is one of those applications that will help protect you from prying eyes. The software offers a demo version with limited functionality.

Installation & Requirements

The application’s installation does not allow for a lot of choice as everything is done automatically. You will be informed that a Start menu entry and a desktop shortcut will be created and the installation begins. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8x.


Spy Hunter – Spyware Remover does not hold anything back and you will immediately understand that as the application will start a scan right after the installation is done. The self-described malware security suite wants to remove any offending items from your PC as soon as possible because every minute counts with these kinds of infections.

Although the scanning process is very light on the system, it does take quite a while to complete as it goes through a ton of different areas in your computer like the Registry and even your browsers. In fact, you will be prompted to quit any open browsers so that the program can scan them for any offending items like tracking cookies. An interesting part of the process is that it also marks the safe areas of your PC so that you can read on the safe parts on real time.

The report is actually incredibly in-depth and it gives information about the location of the infections, their names and even a description of what the infection is. The descriptions are very long and informative, explaining everything in layman’s terms so that every user can understand what they are dealing with. Some spyware is more offending than others and some users might not want to remove every item that the application identifies as offending.

I really liked the fact that the application presented a mere couple of false positives and that is because I did not consider the items to be offensive. It picked up some real threats in my PC while giving me information about what was going on and the reasons why I would want to remove such items from my computer. It also gave me the choice of dealing with the infections separately so I could deal with each problem individually instead of just letting the application remove everything and possibly create annoying implications in my browser.

Apart from the main feature that can scan and disinfect your computer from any malware, the application also offers some extra utilities that can protect your computer from such threats in real-time. However, the most interesting utility of all is the Spyware HelpDesk. This little tool allows you to send a support ticket to the SpyHunter team requesting information about your PC and any errors and malware that the application has found. It is an intuitive way of doing things, especially for users that might require a bit more help in knowing how to deal with threatening malware situations.


-Very thorough scanning
-Detailed information about threats
-Caters to both experienced users and newcomers
-Very decent configuration options
-Helpful utilities


-Too expensive for its limited capabilities


Spy Hunter – Spyware Remover is great at discovering and dealing with threats, looks great and will help you understand all about the infections so there is really not much more you can ask. The fact that it only caters to spyware means that its target crowd is very niche but that is about the only issue you could have with it.

User Interface
Ease of Use