sRemote: Control your PC via email

There are multiple ways to control your computer remotely and sRemote aims to put a twist into that. By connecting your Gmail account to the program, you can actually send commands via e-mail and control various parts of your PC through it.

Installation & Requirements

There is no installation required for the application. Download the archive, extract the contents in a desired location in your PC and run the sRemote executable file. You will need a Gmail account for this to work. Furthermore, you must go to your Gmail’s settings and enable the “Access for less secure apps” setting.


sRemote’s UI is pretty straightforward. The main interface will give you information about the last command executed and various time points like when the program last checked your email as well as how much is remaining till it checks again. Of course, this data will only appear after you have set up your e-mail settings within the application itself which can be found via the bottom toolbar.

That same toolbar at the bottom is where all of the application’s options and commands exist from enabling and disabling the monitoring process to changing the password and hiding the application in the computer. The list of available commands is also available in a text file although inexperienced users might have a bit of a hard time understanding how they are expected to format the commands and what to do with them.

Of course, if you are looking into controlling your PC via email, chances are you do not fall into that category and the commands really become simple then. The syntax is password();command(); which is very easy to remember and to get used to. Most of the commands work perfectly although it is disappointing that some important ones like the screenshot seem to fail all the time.

All in all, it is admittedly very cool to control various functions of your computer via email as you can do it through any internet-enabled device at any place. Setting the application to start with Windows also means that you can also restart your computer when something goes wrong and sRemote will still be there. The fact that the application also includes commands that allow you to run programs is also quite brilliant.


-Minimal system resources required
-A hearty list of commands at your disposal
-Decent configuration settings
-Quite simple considering its capabilities


-Might actually be too complex for some users
-Some commands just will not work


If you want to try another way of remote controlling your PC, sRemote’s email method is definitely something you should experience. If you do not mind manually issuing commands, the program’s capabilities are truly spectacular.

User Interface
Ease of Use